Since the Canadian federal election this past Monday I’ve seen a few articles proclaiming that a Liberal majority government is the second worst possible outcome of the election. That Trudeau now has too much power and I even read in the same article that he will simultaneously use that power too much and ‘do nothing’ because there’s no motivation to. I’ve read “campaign left, govern right” as the de facto Liberal policy.

I wouldn’t say these essays are as cheap as being strictly clickbait. They do have some merit and they are certainly valid opinions. What bothers me about the style of writing is that it is the kind of thing one would point to in six to eight months to say “Hah! I knew those politicians were lying!” But would never be brought up to point out someone was wrong in their assumptions.

These articles are written as post-election fear-mongering. Calls that election promises will be broken before even 24 hours have passed since election. Trudeau is not even officially the prime minister until he is sworn in which takes a couple weeks to schedule.

I understand that people have been misled before. But one could hardly describe this current Liberal Party of Canada as the same as any former Liberal party. A party that was down to 36 seats before this election has had some restructuring to say the least. A party that hasn’t formed the government in a decade is not the same old people it has always been.

So lets keep the melodramatic accusations of betrayal until some actual evidence can be found. At least let Trudeau move in to his new house before throwing stones.

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